Reports of My Death Were Greatly Exaggerated

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North Hanover Street Campus

As the title alludes I have not fallen off the internet nor am I dead despite any rumours the contrary.

I have been readying myself for and I have started a college course. Specifically Interactive Media: Web Development  at the City of Glasgow College. So far all is going well in regards to studying and learning etc. However I am having issues with the Student Loans Company regarding a loan that I took out approximately 20 years ago. The upshot is that I am unsure how long I will be able to continue with my studies.

I am still available for technical consultations as before and I will also would be interested in creating small simple websites for anyone who may be interested.

I have a new blog that is related to my college work and as such may be of interest to anyone who is teaching themselves web design and search engine optimization. The link for that is here College Blog.

From time to time I will share my work here or on Facebook or the College blog to show examples of my work and my progress. The following is a simple 3 page website that I made for a class exercise this week.

Onboard : This simple website was to show off a sample of the fictional company Onboard Snowboarding’s products while using tables for the basic layout. please note this is still very much a work in progress and I may update it frequently.

Heres hoping I can continue posting news of my continuing studies.


Adding a Static HTML App to your Facebook page.


Adding a Static HTML app to your Facebook page is relatively straightforward if slightly long process. Following this gallery should make it easier.

For this guide I am using the Thunderpenny Static HTML app which can be found here.

The online HTML editor I reference during the guide can be found at htmleditor.in.

Clicking on  an image will open the images in a viewer where you can see the full size image (or almost) and click through the gallery.

So let’s get started.

Updates to website and Facebook page.

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Today I have made a few updates to Facebook and the website. You may have noticed the Facebook updates as Facebook likes to Announce everything you do (Thanks Facebook) :|

For those whom Facebook did not spoil the surprise for.

  1. I have updated a couple of the training session images and linked them to the new booking form here on the website. For Computer, Laptop or Tablet 101 Training Session these are now booked using the booking form. This allows you to select from 1 hour, 1.5 hour and 2 hour training sessions depending on the length of time you feel you may require.
  2. I have also added a new contact form. This can be used to book the “Help Setting up a Website” service and to contact me regarding anything else.

Computer/Laptop 101  Tablet 101 Help setting up a Website

Both of the contact forms can now be found under the Info Pages menu item and also from the buttons on the respective pages.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them here or on the Facebook or Google+ walls.

Don’t forget to like the site and sign up for email updates as well as Liking or Following the respective page on Facebook or Google+.

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