Terms and Conditions

These Conditions apply to the Services provided by Easy as 1 2 PC. By booking the services, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set out below. If you have any questions relating to these conditions please contact Easy as 1 2 PC using the contact details displayed on the website.
By using my services you agree to:

  • Pay Easy as 1 2 PC the amounts as displayed when ordering in a timely manner.
  • That the personal information that you provide to us when booking is accurate.

Easy as 1 2 PC reserves the right to make any changes to the website and prices etc and contents of these conditions at any time.
Easy as 1 2 PC only provides services to individuals who are over 18 and not a representative of any medium to large business. Easy as 1 2 PC may where possible assist small companies however these will be treated as individuals.
When booking Easy as 1 2 PC’s services we need your name, email and contact details.
Your booking is not complete until payment has been made and we reserve the right to cancel your booking if no payment is made.
All of Easy as 1 2 PC’s prices are shown inclusive of VAT at current rates.
You may cancel any of Easy as 1 2 PC’s services up to 1 hour prior to your booking time and a full refund will be issued however after this and once the service has started you may choose to cancel but no refund will be given.
Easy as 1 2 PC’s services exclude support for the following:

  • File Servers and Server operating systems
  • Domain & Active Directory based networks
  • VPN and WAN networks
  • Corporate infrastructure hardware and Linux.
Your Information

Easy as 1 2 PC doesn’t share information with any other website.


Payments by credit or debit card for services supplied by Easy as 1 2 PC are processed using PayPal, this is the only accepted form of payment. PayPal do not release any details to me other than an email and an address once a payment is processed.

Remote Control.

Easy as 1 2 PC uses remote control and screen sharing technology. This allows Easy as 1 2 PC to share control of your mouse and keyboard and see what is on your screen. The connection is always initiated by the customer and Easy as 1 2 PC cannot initiate a connection without the customers assistance.

Commenting on http://easyas12pc.co.uk

Easy as 1 2 PC’s website is a WordPress.com site and as such is bound by the WordPress.com terms and conditions as can be found here:  http://en.wordpress.com/tos/
To comment on Easy as 1 2 PC’s website an account WordPress.com is need and in doing so you agree to abide by the terms as laid out by Automattic the owners of WordPress.com.


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