Do you need to visit my house to fix my computer or do I bring the computer to you?
No I use a special piece of software that allows me to share control of your computer over the Internet.

How can you share control of my computer?
When you have an issue that requires me to share control of your computer I will ask you go a website to download a small piece of software.  Once this software is running you will read from the screen a one time passcode that will allow me to connect to your computer. Once connected I can move your mouse pointer and enter text and see what is on your screen. A box will be displayed on-screen to control the remote connection. There is an X in the top right hand corner of this box that when pressed disconnects me and closes the program. Nothing is installed on your PC and I cannot access the computer again without you running the program again and providing the new passcode.

Can you access everything on my computer?
Yes when connected I have access to the same files as you. This is what allows me to help you. At all times you can see what is being done to your computer and can at any time disconnect me by closing the program.

Can you access my online bank accounts or other sensitive websites?
No when you log into a bank or similar site you use what is known as a secure connection as denoted by the padlock. Your browser is designed not to store much(if any) of the login data for secure sites. As such your financial or other sensitive websites are as secure as they have always been.

Do you install any programs onto my computer?
During many of the fixes that I can provide I may have to install some software to carry this out but unless you have requested that it be installed, for example you have asked me to setup a new email program, then any software I use will be removed from your computer before the I let you know that the job is finished.

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